Dubai-based esports organization Galaxy Racer has expanded into the North American market through its newly established HER Galaxy brand.


The new brand is a grassroots esports initiative aiming to create an inclusive ecosystem for female-identifying gamers. HER Galaxy will look to offer a platform for teams to grow, provide resources to build an audience and supply financial backing to aid sustainability across the region.


For partnered teams, HER Galaxy’s support will include providing funds to cover salaries for five players and a team coach, as well as additional support for travel, marketing, PR and branding.


In early 2022, the organisation initially plans to support four esports teams with a ‘significant amount’ in overall grants. Names of the teams involved have not been revealed, however, Galaxy Racer has confirmed it will be two PC, one console and one mobile team.


Alongside providing a foundation for female esports talent in North America, HER Galaxy will also focus on building a multi-platform women-only tournament series for three unannounced esports titles. The series will feature monthly online community tournaments, as well as quarterly offline events across the US for top-performing teams.


According to the release, a significant sum will be invested into the series in order to offer lucrative prize pools and provide high-quality production and tournament management. Moreover, a content series following the journey of the HER Galaxy Foundation teams is slated to be produced.


With its expansion to North America, the organisation reportedly plans to build a portfolio of women gaming stars as part of its wider ambition to ‘develop the esports and gaming space into an inclusive, safe and exciting environment for women’.