For those looking to break into the esports scene, Galaxy Racer is a name you’ll want to become familiar with. Founded in 2019 by Paul Roy, Galaxy Racer is a transmedia company focused on esports, content creators, music, and sports. With a presence all across the globe and a following of over 600 million viewers, including divisions in North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe, Galaxy Racer is poised to become the definitive spot for all of your esports needs with its new North American division.


To date, Galaxy Racer NA has quickly expanded with a diverse set of creators spanning gaming and content creation (LiaSamurai, Shortypie, CptWillis), competitive gamers (Reddysh), a professional soccer player (Matt Polster), and most recently a professional NASCAR driver (Natalie Decker).


In addition to the Galaxy Racer talent roster, the company is also looking to bring on creators to help bolster its HER Galaxy initiative. HER Galaxy puts women and non-binary creators and gamers at the front and center of Galaxy Racer’s programming. Galaxy Racer formed the first all-women’s roster for League of Legends in the Middle East and wants to provide financial opportunities via tournaments for women in the West.


To get HER Galaxy started, streamer and content creator Rose Ruland joined the roster as the first dedicated signing to the HER Galaxy initiative. “I have run into so many different instances of just not being treated right because of my gender and I would love to see that change and women get the recognition they deserve,” Ruland said. “I definitely think HER Galaxy will help me get there.”


Throughout 2023, HER Galaxy is looking to grow the ecosystem for underrepresented genders in gaming and esports via massive tournaments, by providing creators with new opportunities, and by delivering value-add education and networking to its community. HER Galaxy will provide an unwavering voice to support those who have historically been silenced.


“We’re at such a pivotal point right now, not just in our development as an org but in the evolution of the gaming industry,” VP of partnerships Megan Holgate told Dot Esports. “Now is the time to start shifting more support to women and underrepresented genders in the gaming space to make it a more welcoming environment, and we’re looking for brands who want to join us in that endeavor, who want to show this massive audience that they are here to support them”


To help content creators get to where they need to be, Galaxy Racer will continue to partner with companies that share a similar view of a healthy ecosystem in gaming. With an eye on the 15 to 35 age group, Galaxy Racer’s first sponsor is Streamlabs, which is signing on to support the brand for 2023. All Galaxy Racer NA content creators will be using Streamlabs Ultra to help take their content to the next level.