Palworld: Essential Strategies to Enhance Your Pal’s Sanity in Palworld

palworld how to increase pal s sanity
palworld how to increase pal s sanity

Released on January 19, 2024, by Pocket Pair, Inc., Palworld has captivated players across various platforms including PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

As you dive deeper into this open-world, survival shooter game, you’ll quickly realize that maintaining your Pal’s sanity is crucial for their productivity and overall health.

In this guide, we’ll explore several effective methods to ensure that your Pals remain in the best possible mental state.

From providing adequate rest to addressing their nutritional needs, and even managing medical interventions, we cover all you need to know to boost your Pal’s sanity. Ensuring your Pal’s well-being not only contributes to a more efficient base but also enriches your gaming experience.

Let’s delve into understanding what exactly Pal’s sanity is and why it’s vital for your success in Palworld.

Understanding Pal’s Sanity

In Palworld, your Pals are not just creatures you capture and command but are integral parts of your base’s daily operations. They harvest resources, craft items, and maintain the base.

However, the demanding nature of their tasks can lead to a gradual decrease in their sanity. Sanity in Palworld is a measure of a Pal’s mental health, impacting their effectiveness and behavior.

When sanity levels drop, Pals may exhibit signs such as decreased productivity, withdrawal from activities, or even manifestations of disorders like depression or eating disorders.

Recognizing the signs of declining sanity is crucial:

  • Decreased Activity: Pals might slow down in their tasks or stop working altogether.
  • Behavioral Changes: Look for unusual behaviors like refusal to eat or erratic movements.
  • Visible Stress: Pals may show physical signs of stress such as shaking or making distressed noises.

Understanding these symptoms allows you to take timely actions to mitigate their effects, thereby maintaining a harmonious and productive environment in your base.

The health of your Pals directly affects the success of your operations in Palworld, making it essential to regularly monitor and care for their sanity.

Now, let’s explore the various strategies you can employ to help increase your Pal’s sanity.

Strategies to Increase Pal Sanity

depressed pal
depressed pal

Maintaining your Pal’s sanity in Palworld requires a multifaceted approach. From ensuring they have enough rest to providing them with the right kind of food, each aspect plays a crucial role. Here we’ll break down these strategies into detailed actions you can take.

Restorative Sleep

Adequate rest is fundamental to any living being’s health, and Pals are no exception. Overworking can severely deplete a Pal’s sanity, manifesting in stress and depression. To combat this, ensure that your base is equipped with enough sleeping arrangements:

  • Straw Pal Bed: Early game option that provides basic rest. Requires 10 Wood and 5 Fiber to craft and is available at technology level 3.
  • Fluffy Pal Bed: Offers enhanced rest benefits and can be crafted with 10 Cloth, 30 Wood, 5 Nails, and 10 Fiber. This bed is unlocked at technology level 24.
  • Large Pal Bed:Essential for larger Pals to ensure they receive quality sleep, unlocked at technology level 36. Until this, smaller beds or the Palbox—a temporary resting tool—can be used.

Ensuring each Pal has a bed and implementing a strict rest schedule will significantly improve their sanity and overall effectiveness in their tasks.

sleeping pals
sleeping pals

Nutritional Needs

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining sanity. Pals need a balanced diet to stay healthy and productive.

  • Feed Box: Serves as the primary feeding point for Pals with standard dietary needs.
  • High-Quality Food: Some Pals may require or prefer high-quality cooked meals, especially those with higher sanity needs. You can cook these meals at:
  • Campfire: Unlocks at Technology Level 2, requires 10 Woods. Suitable for early game cooking.
  • Cooking Pot: Unlocks at Technology Level 17, requires 20 Woods, 15 Ingots, and 3 Flame Organs. It allows for the preparation of more complex dishes.

Regularly updating your cooking stations and monitoring Pal dietary preferences ensures they remain happy and healthy.

feeding pals manually
feeding pals manually

Relaxation Techniques

Building a Hot Spring is an excellent way to help Pals unwind.

  • The Hot Spring, which unlocks at technology level 9, requires 30 Wood, 15 Stone, 10 Paldium fragments, and 10 Pal Fluids to craft. It serves as a sanctuary where Pals can relax, significantly boosting their sanity if they’re showing signs of stress or exhaustion.

Medical Interventions

Long-term low sanity can lead to various disorders that might require medical intervention.

  • Medieval Medicine Workbench: This crafting station allows you to create medicines to treat specific conditions. It is unlocked at technology level 12 and requires 30 Wood, 5 Nails, and 10 Paldium Fragments. Medicines crafted here can treat conditions ranging from colds to depression.

Utilizing these strategies will help maintain your Pals’ sanity, keeping them productive and happy.

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Crafting for Sanity

Crafting plays a pivotal role in maintaining your Pal’s sanity in Palworld. Each crafted item not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances your Pals’ quality of life.

Here’s a guide to crafting the essential items that contribute directly to your Pals’ mental health.

Essential Crafting Items:

  • Beds: Crafting adequate and comfortable sleeping arrangements is crucial. As detailed earlier, beds like the Straw Pal Bed, Fluffy Pal Bed, and Large Pal Bed cater to different needs and sizes of Pals. Ensuring that each Pal has a comfortable place to rest is a basic yet crucial step towards maintaining their sanity.
  • Cooking Stations: Upgrading your cooking facilities allows you to prepare a variety of high-quality foods. This not only satisfies the diverse dietary preferences of your Pals but also boosts their morale and sanity. From simple Campfires to more sophisticated Cooking Pots, each upgrade provides new culinary possibilities that keep your Pals well-fed and happy.
  • Hot Spring: The construction of a Hot Spring requires careful gathering of materials but offers immense benefits. It serves as a relaxation point that Pals can use to quickly regain sanity during or after a stressful workday.
  • Medieval Medicine Workbench: This is your go-to station for crafting medicines to treat any disorders arising from low sanity levels. Knowing the right recipes and having a stock of necessary ingredients ensures you can quickly address any health issues among your Pals.

Materials and Recipes:

To streamline your crafting processes, it’s helpful to keep a well-organized inventory of materials. Here’s a basic list of materials you might need frequently:

  • Wood and Fiber: Essential for basic construction like beds and some cooking stations.
  • Cloth, Nails, and Ingots: Required for more advanced constructions like the Fluffy Pal Bed and the Cooking Pot.
  • Paldium Fragments and Pal Fluids: Specialized materials needed for luxury items like the Hot Spring.

Keeping track of your material inventory and planning your crafting activities can significantly affect your Pals’ productivity and well-being.

Crafting not only provides the tools needed for a functional base but also enhances the living conditions of your Pals, directly impacting their sanity and happiness.


In Palworld, the well-being of your Pals is as crucial as any other gameplay element.

By implementing the strategies discussed—providing restorative sleep, fulfilling nutritional needs, offering relaxation options, and addressing medical concerns—you create a supportive environment that enhances your Pals’ sanity and overall health.

This not only leads to a more productive base but also ensures that your gaming experience is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.