Spider Man 2 Emf Experiment

emf experiments peter parker spiderman 2 game
emf experiments peter parker spiderman 2 game

In the expansive world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, not only does swinging through the skyscrapers of New York City offer a thrilling experience, but it also presents a plethora of side missions that enhance gameplay and offer unique rewards.

Among these are the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Experiments, a series of engaging puzzles and challenges exclusively available to players controlling Peter Parker.

Completing these experiments not only tests your problem-solving skills but also rewards you with a special suit and a prestigious in-game trophy, making them a must-do for both casual players and completionists alike.

In this guide, we delve deep into each EMF Experiment, providing you with all the necessary details to locate and conquer these challenges effortlessly.

Whether you’re struggling with the plant science puzzles in Little Tokyo or navigating the drone challenges in Queens Apiary, our comprehensive walkthrough ensures you have every tool at your disposal to succeed.

Overview of EMF Experiments

EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are unique side missions tailored to test the ingenuity and agility of Peter Parker.

These missions are dispersed throughout New York City, each offering a distinct challenge that involves either environmental puzzles, drone navigation, or energy manipulation tasks.

In total, players can discover and complete nine different experiments, each culminating in valuable gameplay rewards and deeper immersion into the life of Spider-Man.

What sets these experiments apart? Firstly, they can only be completed when playing as Peter Parker, not Spider-Man, emphasizing his scientific prowess and problem-solving capabilities.

This gameplay mechanic adds a layer of diversity to the character, highlighting his dual identity. Each experiment has its specific theme and objective, ranging from ecological research in plant science to controlling technologylike drones and energy grids.

List of Experiment Types and Themes:

  • Plant Science: These involve collecting specimens and solving related puzzles.
  • Bee Drones: Tasks include piloting drones to complete various objectives.
  • Energy: These experiments require managing and manipulating different energy sources.

Understanding the nature and location of these experiments is crucial for planning your approach, especially if you aim to optimize your route around NYC and efficiently tackle each challenge.

Detailed Guide to Each EMF Experiment Location and Puzzle Solutions

Navigating through the bustling streets and towering buildings of New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings players face-to-face with a series of challenging and engaging EMF Experiments.

Here’s a detailed walkthrough of each location and the puzzle solutions involved:

Little Tokyo: Plant Science

little tokyo plant science
little tokyo plant science
  • Location: Nestled in Chinatown, just northwest of the Williamsburg bridge.
  • Challenge: Spider-Man needs to locate specific plant specimens around a building and solve a plant attribute puzzle.
  • Puzzle Solution:
  • Leaf Tile: Placed in the left-bottom slot with two yellow sticks protruding from the bottom.
  • H Icon Tile: Adjacent to the leaf, with two yellow ticks at the top.
  • Additional Leaf Tile: Positioned at the top, connecting to the first leaf tile.
  • Sun Tile: Situated underneath the first leaf tile.
  • Water Tile: To the right of the sun tile, completing the puzzle.

Central Park: Bee Drones

central park bee drones
central park bee drones
  • Location: Found in the Upper West Side of NYC, within Central Park.
  • Challenge: Control a drone to shoot targets and fly through designated markers.

Central Park: Energy

central park energy
central park energy
  • Location: Located in the northwest corner of Central Park, near Harlem.
  • Challenge: Peter must ride an electric bicycle through checkpoints, accelerating with the X button for speed.

Queens Apiary: Bee Drones

queens apiary bee drones
queens apiary bee drones
  • Location and Challenge: Controlling another drone, players must shoot down digital bees and follow a bird to its home, ensuring its movement by occasionally shooting at it.

Prospect Park: Bee Drones

prospect park bee drones
prospect park bee drones
  • Location: Set within the iconic Prospect Park.
  • Challenge: Use the drone to target rats and bees, navigate through landmarks, and retrieve a stolen drone to complete the mission.

Brooklyn Heights: Energy

brooklyn heights energy
brooklyn heights energy
  • Location and Challenge: In Brooklyn Heights, where players need to use their glider to reach a high point and deploy turbines effectively.

Portside: Plant Science

portside plant science
portside plant science
  • Location: Along the bustling Portside Docks.
  • Challenges & Solutions:
  • First Puzzle: Focus on destroying corrupted red atoms without harming the green ones.
  • Second Puzzle: Arrange tiles with at least two leaf icons, two H icons, and one water icon to solve the puzzle. Detailed configurations provided in the image guide or described step-by-step in the game.

Two Bridges: Plant Science

two bridges plant science
two bridges plant science
  • Location: At the ESU greenhouse.
  • Challenge: After retrieving a stolen plant specimen, solve a Plant Attributes puzzle to secure the plant and complete the experiment.

The Last EMF Experiment (Emily May Foundation)

the last emf experiment emily may foundation
the last emf experiment emily may foundation
  • Location: Unlocks in Astoria post-main storyline completion.
  • Puzzle Solution: A complex arrangement of leaf, water, and sun tiles, detailed specifically to fit the final challenging layout.

By following these detailed guides, players can efficiently tackle each experiment, leveraging their understanding of puzzle mechanics and drone control to reap the rewards.

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Rewards for Completing EMF Experiments

life story suit peter parker spider man 2
life story suit peter parker spider man 2

Completing the EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 not only offers a gratifying sense of accomplishment but also provides players with substantial in-game rewards.

Here’s what you can expect once you’ve mastered all the experiments:

  • Experience Points (XP): Each completed experiment grants a generous amount of XP, aiding in leveling up Peter Parker’s abilities and skills. This progression is crucial for enhancing his capabilities in various aspects of the game, from combat to navigation.
  • Tech Parts: Essential for crafting and upgrades, tech parts are awarded in abundance throughout the experiments. These include both standard Tech Parts and Rare Tech Parts, the latter being particularly valuable for accessing high-level upgrades.
  • Special Suit Unlock: Perhaps the most coveted of all rewards is the exclusive Life Story Suit. This unique outfit isunlocked only upon completion of all nine EMF Experiments, offering not just a visual upgrade but also potential enhancements to Peter’s abilities, aligning with the thematic elements of the experiments themselves.
  • Trophy Achievement: For trophy hunters and completists, the “Foundational” trophy is a key reward, marking the achievement of mastering all the EMF challenges in the game. This trophy not only contributes to the overall game completion rate but also serves as a bragging right within the gaming community.

These rewards not only enrich the gaming experience but also incentivize players to explore and engage with the content deeply, making the journey through New York City as Peter Parker both rewarding and exhilarating.


Embarking on the EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a compelling blend of challenge and reward, making them a standout feature in this action-packed sequel.

As Peter Parker, players not only enjoy the thrill of navigating puzzles and managing gadgets but also gain a deeper insight into his scientific expertise and problem-solving prowess.

The comprehensive guide provided here is designed to assist you in navigating each experiment with ease, ensuring that no challenge is too daunting.

Whether you’re aiming to unlock the exclusive Life Story Suit, rack up XP and tech parts, or secure that coveted trophy, the EMF Experiments serve as a rich addition to the game’s narrative and gameplay dynamics.

As you swing through the streets of New York, keep this guide handy and prepare to engage with each experiment fully prepared. The rewards are well worth the effort, adding layers of depth and satisfaction to your Spider-Man experience.