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far cry expect 2024
far cry expect 2024
far cry expect 2024

Ubisoft’s Far Cry series has long been a benchmark in the open-world genre, blending intense action with deep, engaging storylines.

Since its inception in 2004, the series has evolved through various iterations, each adding layers of complexity and innovation that have delighted fans worldwide.

However, since the release of Far Cry 6 in 2021, the franchise has entered a period of unusual quiet. This silence has led to rampant speculation and anticipation about the next installment, Far Cry 7.

2024 has been a quiet year for official announcements, but the buzz around what could potentially be in store for Far Cry enthusiasts in 2025 is louder than ever.

With rumors of groundbreaking features and a fresh narrative approach, Far Cry 7 is poised to be a significant leap forward for the franchise.

In this article, we’ll explore what we know so far about Far Cry 7, dissect rumored features, and discuss the implications of its release within the broader context of the gaming industry.

Fans and newcomers to the series alike are eager to see how Ubisoft will innovate with this beloved franchise’s next title, promising a blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

What We Know About Far Cry 7

mixcollage 10 nov 2023 03 07
mixcollage 10 nov 2023 03 07

Despite the tight-lipped approach from Ubisoft regarding the official details of Far Cry 7, several credible leaks and insider tips have painted a vivid picture of what the next iteration may hold.

At the forefront of the project is Drew Holmes, known for his narrative ingenuity in Far Cry 5, who has reportedly taken on the role of director for the upcoming title.

This shift in leadership is indicative of Ubisoft’s commitment to storytelling, ensuring the game’s narrative depth aligns with its immersive gameplay.

Development Team:

Ubisoft Montreal, the powerhouse behind many of the franchise’s most successful titles, is once again at the helm of development. This studio’s history of delivering rich, expansive worlds filled with compelling content sets a promising stage for Far Cry 7.

Confirmed Facts:

  • Director: Drew Holmes, narrative designer andlead writer of Far Cry 5
  • Development Studio: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Game Title: Far Cry: Rise

These elements suggest a significant evolutionary step for the franchise, combining proven narrative skills with robust development expertise to potentially deliver the most dynamic Far Cry experience yet.

New Features and Gameplay Innovations


Far Cry 7 is rumored to redefine the series’ traditional gameplay mechanics, introducing a shift towards a more non-linear gameplay experience.

This approach would allow players greater freedom to explore and interact with the game’s environment and narrative, a significant departure from the more structured pathways of previous installments.

Key Gameplay Innovations:

  • Non-linear Gameplay: Players can expect to tackle missions in multiple ways, influencing the storyline based on their choices.
  • 72-Hour Timer Mechanic: A new challenge where players must complete the campaign within an in-game time limit of 72 hours, adding a layer of urgency and realism to the player’s decision-making process.

These changes are designed to enhance the player’s immersion by making every decision and action feel impactful and urgent.

Such innovations could significantly alter how players engage with the Far Cry universe, making each playthrough uniquely challenging.

Expected Gameplay Elements:

  • Multiple Endings: Based on choices, leading to a varied conclusion of the game.
  • Dynamic Environment Interactions: Environments that react realistically to player actions, increasing immersion.

These gameplay features aim to make “Far Cry 7” not just a game but an experience that players can dive into, where their choices genuinely affect the game world and its outcome.

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Setting and Plot

“Far Cry 7” is set to transport players to an entirely new and meticulously crafted world. The game is rumored to be located on Kimsan, a fictitious tropical island situated in the Yellow Sea, adjacent to Korea.

This setting combines the lush, untamed wilderness of a tropical island with the mystique and cultural depth of an East Asian locale, offering a backdrop that is both visually stunning and rich in potential narrative depth.

Narrative Focus:

The central storyline revolves around the player’s quest to rescue family members from the clutches of a dangerous cult known as the Sons of Truth. This narrative promises to blend intense action with deep emotional engagement, providing a compelling reason for the player’s journey beyond mere survival.

Plot Details and Themes:

  • Cult Influence: Exploring themes of control, belief, and rebellion.
  • Family and Sacrifice: Personal stakes that drive the narrative forward.
  • Island Mystique: Utilizing the setting to create a sense of isolation and lawlessness.

The combination of these elements is expected to deliver a gripping storyline that retains the core Far Cry ethos of freedom and danger, while introducing new layers of narrative complexity and emotional resonance.

Development Insights

far cry 5 map editor eiffel tower
far cry 5 map editor eiffel tower

The development of Far Cry 7 under Ubisoft Montreal’s guidance is characterized by a blend of innovation and reverence to the series’ roots.

With the shift in leadership to Drew Holmes and the introduction of new gameplay mechanics and narrative depth, the development process seems poised to push the boundaries of what fans expect from a Far Cry game.

Challenges and Innovations:

  • Balancing Act: One of the primary challenges is balancing the new non-linear gameplay with the structured narrative that fans have come to expect. This involves ensuring that player choices lead to meaningful consequences without detracting from the game’s overarching storyline.
  • Technical Enhancements: Implementing features like the 72-hour timer and dynamic environment interactions demands significant advancements in game design and engine capabilities.

Development Goals:

  • Enhanced Player Agency: Ensuring that player decisions have both immediate and long-term effects on the game’s world and its inhabitants.
  • Immersive World Building: Creating a believable, interactive island setting that feels alive and reacts to the player’s actions.

These insights into the development process reveal the complexities and ambitions behind Far Cry 7, highlighting Ubisoft Montreal’s commitment to delivering a high-quality gaming experience that could redefine the open-world genre.

Expected Release and Industry Timing

far cry pattern may narrow down fc7 release date
far cry pattern may narrow down fc7 release date

The release schedule for Far Cry 7 has been a topic of much speculation within the gaming community. Given the series’ history and the scale of the anticipated features, it’s projected that the game may not debut until Spring 2025.

This would mark the longest gap between releases in the Far Cry series, suggesting a development period focused on significant enhancements and possibly a rethinking of the franchise’s core mechanics.

Historical Release Patterns:

  • Far Cry 3: Released in 2012
  • Far Cry 4: Released in 2014
  • Far Cry 5: Released in 2018
  • Far Cry 6: Released in 2021

The extension in release intervals from a consistent two years to three years between the last two installments and now potentially four years indicates an evolving development strategy.

This could reflect both the increasing complexity of video games and a strategic decision to perfect the game’s innovative features.

Market Context:

With other major titles and new IPs set to release around the same time, Ubisoft is likely carefully planning the launch to maximize visibility and impact. The release timing will need to consider competitor activity and market readiness for a new high-investment AAA title.

This strategic release planning is crucial for maximizing the game’s success, ensuring that “Far Cry 7” captures the attention of both long-time fans and newcomers to the series.

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Implications for Ubisoft’s Focus

far cry 6 dani rojas
far cry 6 dani rojas

Ubisoft’s development and release strategy for “Far Cry 7” is not just about continuing a popular series; it reflects broader strategic decisions within the company.

The simultaneous development of other high-profile projects like “Star Wars Outlaws” hints at Ubisoft’s balanced approach to managing multiple big-ticket games, which can impact resource allocation and focus.

Resource Allocation:

  • Balancing resources between multiple major projects is a challenge for any large studio. Ubisoft’s approach will be crucial in maintaining quality across all titles, including Far Cry 7.
  • The focus on “Far Cry 7” might shift dynamically depending on the progress and needs of other projects like “Star Wars Outlaws,” which is also slated for a 2024 release.

Strategic Implications:

  • Brand Positioning: Far Cry 7’s release strategy will play a key role in Ubisoft’s market positioning, potentially defining its reputation for innovation in the coming years.
  • Market Expectations: With increased intervals between releases, there is a growing expectation for significant advancements in gameplay and narrative depth.

This strategic management reflects Ubisoft’s broader ambitions in the gaming industry, aiming to not only satisfy long-standing fans but also to attract new players with high-quality, innovative gaming experiences.


As we anticipate the release of Far Cry 7, the excitement within the gaming community continues to build.

This next installment promises to integrate groundbreaking gameplay innovations with a compelling narrative, set against the backdrop of an exotically dangerous island.

Ubisoft’s commitment to evolving the Far Cry series is evident in the depth of development and strategic planning discussed throughout this exploration.

Far Cry 7 is poised to not only push the boundaries of the series but also set new standards for open-world gaming.

The introduction of non-linear gameplay and a real-time decision-making mechanic could revolutionize how players engage with the game world, making each playthrough uniquely impactful.

With Ubisoft’s careful curation of the game’s development and strategic release timing, Far Cry 7 could very well redefine what players expect from the franchise and influence future developments in the genre.

For fans and newcomers alike, the wait for 2025—and the promise of another thrilling adventure in the Far Cry saga—has never been more filled with anticipation.