Pokémon GO: How to Find and Catch Zorua

pokemon go zorua feature
pokemon go zorua feature

If you’re a Pokémon GO trainer, you’ve probably heard of Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokémon known for its incredible illusions. This Dark-type Pokémon, originally from the Unova region (Generation 5), made its Pokémon GO debut in late 2022 and brought a unique twist to wild encounters.

Zorua doesn’t appear in its true form. Instead, this clever creature uses its illusion abilities to perfectly mimic other Pokémon – especially your chosen Buddy Pokémon!

Understanding this disguise mechanic is the key to successfully tracking down and catching Zorua in Pokémon GO. Let’s dive into how you can find this elusive Pokémon!

How to Find and Catch Zorua in Pokémon GO

pokemon go zorua disguise
pokemon go zorua disguise

The most important thing to know about finding Zorua in Pokémon GO is how it utilizes its disguise. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The Buddy System: Zorua will copy the appearance of your current Buddy Pokémon. So if you’re walking around with a Charizard, look out for extra Charizards on the map!
  • Choosing a Strategic Buddy: To make spotting Zorua easier, select a Buddy that has a distinctive look. Here are some top choices:
    • Shiny Pokémon: If you have a Shiny Pokémon, Zorua’s disguise won’t hide its shiny status.
    • Legendary Pokémon: Legendaries don’t typically spawn in the wild, making a duplicate an obvious giveaway.
    • Shadow or Purified Pokémon: These Pokémon retain their purple or white auras even when Zorua copies them.
  • The Catch and Reveal: Once you spot a potential Zorua (a duplicate of your Buddy), tap on it like any other Pokémon. If it’s Zorua, you’ll see the text “Oh?” on the screen instead of “Gotcha!” followed by Zorua’s true form appearing.

Important Note: Your Buddy Pokémon doesn’t need to be actively walking with you on the map for Zorua to spawn.

Advanced Tips for Finding Zorua

pokemon go porygon2 misdreavous
pokemon go porygon2 misdreavous

While the Buddy strategy is your main tool, here are some extra things to keep in mind when searching for Zorua:

  • Weather Matters: Foggy weather increases the spawn rate of Dark-type and Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Since Zorua is a Dark-type, keep an eye on the weather forecast for a potential boost in encounters.
  • Lures and Incense: Standard Lure Modules or Incense can help attract more Pokémon in general, potentially including Zorua. If you’re in an area where spawns are less frequent, these items can be helpful.
  • Zorua’s Rarity: It’s important to remember that Zorua, although not event-exclusive, is still a somewhat rarer find. Think of it as being on par with finding Ditto in terms of how often it might appear.

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Evolving Zorua and Best Movesets

Once you’ve caught a good collection of Zorua, you’re ready to evolve it into its even trickier counterpart, Zoroark! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Candy Cost: Evolving Zorua into Zoroark requires 50 Zorua Candy. Remember, you can use Pinap Berries or Silver Pinap Berries while catching Zorua to get extra Candy!
  • Optimal Movesets: Both Zorua and Zoroark are pure Dark-type Pokémon, meaning they benefit from moves that get a Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB).
    • Zorua’s Best Moves:
      • Fast Attack: Feint Attack (Dark-type, good damage and energy gain)
      • Charged Attack: Foul Play (Dark-type, low energy cost)
    • Zoroark’s Best Moves:
      • Fast Attack: Snarl (Dark-type, strong damage output)
      • Charged Attack 1: Foul Play (for reliable Dark-type damage)
      • Charged Attack 2: Sludge Bomb (Optional – gives Zoroark coverage against Fairy-types, which are super effective against Dark)

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Hisuian Zorua in Pokémon GO – What We Know

Hisuian Zorua, introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, is a unique Ghost/Normal-type variant of the Tricky Fox Pokémon.

While Hisuian forms of other Pokémon have started appearing in Pokémon GO, Hisuian Zorua and its evolution, Hisuian Zoroark, are not yet available in the mobile game.

However, it’s highly likely that we will see Hisuian Zorua make an appearance at some point. Here’s how it might be introduced:

  • Special Research: Similar to how Galarian forms were often released, Hisuian Zorua could be tied to a special ticketed or timed Research storyline.
  • Themed Event: A potential Halloween or Ghost-themed event could be the perfect time to introduce this spooky variant of Zorua.

Until then, we can focus on mastering the art of finding and catching the original Zorua in Pokémon GO!