Pokemon GO Incense: How to Attracting More Pokemon

pokemon go daily adventure incense
pokemon go daily adventure incense

What is Incense in Pokemon GO?, Pokemon GO players know that finding wild Pokemon is the heart of the game.

But sometimes, you just don’t have the time or energy to wander around hoping for those coveted spawns. That’s where Incense comes to the rescue!

In Pokemon GO, Incense is a powerful item that acts as a Pokemon magnet, attracting them directly to your location.

Whether you’re stuck indoors, short on time, or just want to boost your catch rate, Incense is your go-to tool. Different types of Incense offer varied durations and even the ability to attract specific Pokemon types.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Incense in Pokemon GO. Get ready to optimize your gameplay and catch those elusive Pokemon!

Types of Incense

types of incense
types of incense

There’s more to Incense than just a wisp of pink smoke! In Pokemon GO, you’ll encounter four primary types of Incense, each with its own special features and ways to obtain them:

1. Green Incense

  • The Basics: This is your standard Incense, the most common type you’ll find. It attracts a random assortment of Pokemon to your location.
  • How to Get It:
    • Purchase from the in-game shop with PokeCoins
    • Earn it as a reward for leveling up your trainer
  • Duration: 60 minutes of Pokemon-attracting power

2. Orange Incense

  • The Event Specialist: Orange Incense is tied to specific Pokemon GO events. During these events, it acts like a supercharged Green Incense, focusing on attracting Pokemon related to the event’s theme.
  • How to Get It:
    • Purchase it from the in-game shop during events
    • Sometimes obtained as a special event reward
  • Duration: 60 minutes

3. Daily Adventure Incense

  • The Mover’s Choice: Daily Adventure Incense is a unique blue-colored incense designed for active players. You must be constantly walking for it to be at its most effective.
  • How to Get It: You receive one Daily Adventure Incense per day for free!
  • Duration: 15 minutes (but highly effective in that time)

4. Mystery Box

  • The Meltan Magnet: The Mystery Box isn’t technically a traditional Incense, but it functions similarly. Its sole purpose is to attract the elusive Mythical Pokemon, Meltan.
  • How to Get It: Transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to either Pokemon HOME or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee!
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Incense Best Practices: When and How to Use

pokemon go season of heritage incense
pokemon go season of heritage incense

Knowing the different Incense types is just half the battle. For maximum Pokemon-catching success, consider these best practices:

  • Movement Matters: Excluding the brief Daily Adventure Incense, most Incense works best when you’re on the move. Try walking in a park, around your neighborhood, or anywhere with Pokestops and potential spawns to maximize its effect.
  • Event Timing: Orange Incense is your best friend during Pokemon GO events. Take advantage of the focused spawns to target the Pokemon you want most!
  • Daily Adventure Incense: Make it Count: Since you only get one Daily Adventure Incense per day, be strategic! Pop it when you know you can dedicate 15 minutes to active walking and catching.
  • Stacking: Can You Combine Them? Unfortunately, you generally can’t stack multiple Incense at the same time. The exception is the Mystery Box, which can run alongside other Incense.
  • Incense Combos: Experiment with combining Incense and Lures at Pokestops for a potential Pokemon-spawning frenzy. This strategy can be particularly powerful during events or Community Days.

Alright, let’s dive into some insider tips and secrets to give your Incense usage an edge!

Incense Tips and Secrets

Mastering Incense isn’t just about the basics. Here are some more advanced techniques to up your Pokemon GO game:

  • Shiny Potential: While still under debate, some players believe that Incense-attracted Pokemon may have a slightly higher chance of being Shiny. Keep an eagle eye out for those sparkles!
  • Incense “Circles”: Pay attention to how spawns are distributed. You might find they form a sort of circle around your character, indicating the best area to walk for maximum encounters.
  • Weather and Biome Boosts: Incense-attracted Pokemon can still be influenced by the current weather conditions and your surrounding environment (e.g., spawns near water).
  • The Catch Rate Challenge: Be prepared! Pokemon attracted by Incense might be slightly more challenging to catch due to their increased movement. Stock up on berries and sharpen your throwing skills.

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From casual play to dedicated Pokemon hunts, Incense is an incredibly versatile tool in your Pokemon GO arsenal.

Understanding the different Incense types, when to use them strategically, and those handy tips will significantly increase your chances of catching the Pokemon you desire.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different Incense combinations and locations! The journey of a Pokemon GO trainer is all about discovery, and Incense will be your trusty companion as you catch ’em all. Now go out there and start attracting those Pokemon!