Pokemon GO Lure Module Evolutions

pokemon go every evolves with lure
pokemon go every evolves with lure

Pokemon GO players know that catching ’em all is the main goal, but evolution plays a huge role in building a powerful team. While candy is the usual key to evolving your Pokemon, there’s a unique item called a Lure Module that unlocks some special evolutions.

These modules, when attached to a PokeStop, not only attract Pokemon to that location but also trigger certain creatures to evolve!

Let’s dive into the different Lure Modules, the awesome Pokemon they evolve, and how to get your hands on these evolution-inducing items.

Lure Module Evolutions

rainy lure module pokemon go evolutions goodra
rainy lure module pokemon go evolutions goodra

Here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty of which Pokemon evolve with which Lure Modules. There are four special Lure Modules that trigger evolutions:

  • Rainy Lure
    • Sliggoo -> Goodra: This Dragon-type evolution is a powerhouse. Make sure you have 100 Goomy candies ready before using a Rainy Lure to evolve Sliggoo into its final form.
    • Attracted types: Water, Bug, and Electric Pokemon are drawn to Rainy Lures, so you might snag some other cool catches too!
  • Mossy Lure
    • Eevee -> Leafeon: One of Eevee’s many evolutions, Leafeon, is a beautiful Grass-type. You’ll need 25 Eevee candies to evolve it with a Mossy Lure.
    • Attracted types: Grass, Bug, and Poison Pokemon are likely to appear near a Mossy Lure.
  • Glacial Lure
    • Eevee -> Glaceon Another of Eevee’s evolutions, Glaceon, is a graceful and powerful Ice-type. Be prepared with 25 Eevee candies for this evolution.
    • Crabrawler -> Crabominable: This quirky Fighting/Ice-type Pokemon is a fun addition to your team. Have 50 Crabrawler candies ready to evolve it with a Glacial Lure.
  • Attracted types: Ice and Water Pokemon flock to Glacial Lures.
  • Magnetic Lure
    • Magneton -> Magnezone: This evolved form of Magneton is an Electric/Steel-type with serious power. Make sure you have 100 Magnemite candies to evolve it with a Magnetic Lure.
    • Nosepass -> Probopass: This quirky Rock/Steel-type Pokemon boasts great defense. Have 50 Nosepass candies to evolve it using a Magnetic Lure.
    • Charjabug -> Vikavolt: This Bug/Electric-type Pokemon packs a punch. Have 100 Charjabug candies for its Magnetic Lure evolution.
    • Attracted types: Electric, Steel, and Rock Pokemon gather around Magnetic Lures.
mossy lure module evolutions pokemon go
mossy lure module evolutions pokemon go

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Golden Lure Module: Gimmighoul Evolution Aid

The Golden Lure Module is a special case. While it doesn’t directly cause a Pokemon to evolve, it plays a major role in evolving Gimmighoul into the treasure-loving Gholdengo. Here’s how it works:

  • Gimmighoul Coins: The goal with a Golden Lure is to collect Gimmighoul Coins, which are needed to evolve Gimmighoul (999 coins to be exact!).
  • Connecting to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: You’ll need to link your Pokemon GO account with your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet game on the Nintendo Switch to obtain a Golden Lure Module.
  • Postcards and Rewards: By sending postcards from Pokemon GO to your linked Scarlet/Violet game, you’ll earn a Golden Lure Module after five postcards are sent.
  • Spinning Golden PokeStops: Activating a Golden Lure Module turns a PokeStop gold. Spinning it drops Gimmighoul Coins and increases the chance of Gimmighoul encounters for 30 minutes.

Important Note: Golden PokeStops also pop up naturally during certain events, offering those precious Gimmighoul Coins even without using a Golden Lure Module.

Acquiring Lure Modules

There are a few different ways to get your hands on the Lure Modules you need to unlock those special evolutions:

  • In-game Shop: This is the most reliable way to get Lure Modules.
    • Standard Lure Modules cost 100 PokeCoins each.
    • Specialty Lure Modules (Rainy, Mossy, Glacial, Magnetic) are slightly pricier at 180 PokeCoins each.
  • Special Research Tasks: Keep an eye on Special Research questlines, as they sometimes offer Lure Modules as rewards.
  • Limited-time Bundles: Occasionally, the in-game shop will have special bundles that include Lure Modules, sometimes even at a discount!
  • Collection Challenges: Limited-time Collection Challenges may offer Lure Modules as completion rewards.
  • Golden Lure Module: Remember, you can only get this by sending five postcards from Pokémon GO to Pokémon Scarlet or Violet over five separate days.

Tips for Using Lure Evolutions

  • Be Strategic: Don’t waste a Lure Module if you don’t have the candy needed for the Pokemon you want to evolve. Stock up first!
  • Community Power: You don’t need to use your own Lure Module to benefit. Keep an eye out for active Lures on PokeStops near you to take advantage of someone else’s!
  • Event Watch Check for in-game events, as they sometimes have increased Lure Module effectiveness or special appearances of Golden PokeStops.

That wraps up our in-depth guide to Pokemon GO Lure Module evolutions! Do you have any other questions about these unique tools?

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Lure Modules add an exciting and unique element to Pokemon evolutions in Pokemon GO! From the graceful Leafeon to the powerhouse Magnezone, these special items unlock some amazing Pokemon forms.

Remember to stock up on candies, find those special Lures, and watch for in-game events to maximize your evolution opportunities.