New PS5 Games: Complete Release Date Guide

a calendar with marked dates alongside a ps5 console and various game cases.

As the gaming world braces itself for another year of riveting releases, the PlayStation community is buzzing with anticipation.

Whether you consider yourself a boss on the battlefield, a deity in strategy, or simply a devout follower of the Playstation pantheon, the upcoming lineup for the PlayStation 4 and its more powerful sibling, the PlayStation 5, promises to satiate your gaming hunger.

Expect fierce rivalries as these consoles go head-to-head with the Xbox Series X and Series S, each vying for dominance with exclusives and indie gems alike.

Capcom, and other industry stalwarts, are poised to drop titles that will have players glued to their controllers. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for PlayStation aficionados as we chart the exciting journey through the second half of 2024.

PS5 & PS4 Games Coming Out In June 2024

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The month of June is shaping up to be an exceptional period for gamers, with a lineup that’s set to bolster the libraries of both PS5 and PS4 aficionados.

Sony has been teasing us with tantalizing trailers and cryptic tweets, and now, the wait is finally coming to an end for several highly-anticipated titles.

Fans of the iconic “Elden Ring” will be thrilled to know a new adventure awaits, possibly hinting at a sequel that can redefine the boundaries of the action RPG genre.

The term “sequel” often conveys grandeur, promising expanded worlds and deeper narratives. Amidst the buzz, we can’t overlook the other genres making their mark; one peek at the ps5 game release dates confirms that a charming platformer is also making its debut, ready to enchant us with its creative mechanics and heartwarming story.

June promises to be a month remembered for its rich contributions to our gaming collections, rekindling the excitement for veteran players and newcomers alike.

Destiny 2, Elden Ring & More

Amid the anticipation, “Destiny 2” continues to stand tall as a pillar in the shooter game genre, ceaselessly drawing players back into its fold with a promise of new expansions and thrilling combat mechanics.

The community remains fervently active, with forums and internet spaces abuzz with strategies, lore discussions, and coordinated in-game events.

June aims to amplify this excitement, bringing forth content that could redefine how we engage with “Destiry 2” and its expansive universe.

“Elden Ring,” with its fascinating lore and monumental boss battles, is set to take us on another exhilarating journey across its hauntingly beautiful landscapes.

The anticipation has been building, with speculations rife on internet forums and social media about the direction this sequel will take. Here’s how the landscape of game releases is shaping up for June 2024:

  1. “Destiny 2” garners a fresh surge of content, enticing shooter game aficionados.
  2. New chapters unfold in the “Elden Ring” saga, captivating fans with its rich storytelling.
  3. A surprise release in the “Star Wars” gaming franchise that could once again redefine space-faring adventures and combat.
  4. “Death Stranding” follows with expansions that are poised to weave more strands into its already intricate narrative.

The continuity of excellence is evident, with “Death Stranding” slated to expand its universe.

Intrigue and mesmerizing storylines have been the trademark of this title, offering an experience that distinctly contrasts with the competitive energy of shooter games.

Avid gamers and “Star Wars” enthusiasts are equally on the edge of their seats, eager to embark on whatever space odyssey awaits them in the newest installment from that galaxy far, far away.

PS5 & PS4 Games Coming Out In July 2024

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July is set to carry the torch ablaze from June, ushering in an array of captivating PS5 and PS4 releases that demand attention. Rest assured, the adventure game scene receives a hefty boost with titles like “Frostpunk” returning to challenge players with its gripping survivalist scenarios.

Those relishing in the realm of fantasy will spot the iconic “Final Fantasy” name again—a franchise that never fails to enchant with its lush universes and heart-pounding turn-based combat.

As intuitive as ever, the DualShock controller is our conduit to these immersive worlds, while Insomniac Games continues to impress with its flair for crafting engrossing narratives and gameplay experiences.

Moreover, PlayStation VR2 owners can strap in for a transformative journey as the month promises releases that aim to pioneer the virtual reality gaming frontier.

July’s lineup is a testament to the continuous evolution of gaming, beckoning us to dive into new challenges and fantastical voyages across both familiar and unforeseen landscapes.

Frostpunk, Final Fantasy, & More

As July’s warmth cascades over us, “Frostpunk” poses a stark contrast with its icy grip, challenging players to make destiny-defining decisions in the face of unrelenting cold.

This next-generation title on both PS5 and PS4 brings a compelling survival narrative, further enhanced by the seamless integration with the PlayStation Network, ensuring a persistent and engaging experience that rivals the social connectivity of “Call of Duty”.

Brandishing the timeless allure of “Final Fantasy”, this month beckons a new installment to the PS5 and PS4, encapsulating the essence of adventure and strategic combat that has long rivaled “Xbox One” counterparts.

As we traverse fantastical worlds, every decision intertwines with fate, mirroring the immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay that the next generation of consoles embodies.

PS5 & PS4 Games Coming Out In August 2024

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As the sweltering heat of August rolls in, the PS5 and PS4 continue to usher in releases that stoke the flames of our imaginations.

A notable title to look out for is “Black Myth,” a game that invites players to step into a world teeming with dragons and legends, reminiscent of the mystical realms explored in beloved classics like “Final Fantasy XIV.”

It’s clear that the era of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 set an incredible foundation that today’s games build upon, and “Black Myth” promises to be a breathtaking addition to that legacy.

Steamworld, known for its inventive gameplay and steampunk aesthetics, is preparing to launch its latest venture, capturing our curiosity with its unique approach to tactical challenges.

With Electronic Arts also rumored to be revealing a fresh project, one thing is certain: August will be a month where history blends with innovation to offer an unparalleled gaming experience.

Black Myth, Steamworld, & More

August also welcomes the nostalgia-fueled return of “Final Fantasy VII” to our screens, now reimagined for the PS5 with backward compatibility ensuring those with a PS4 aren’t left in the past.

This revival is not merely for reliving memories but also introduces enhanced gameplay features suited for the discerning modern gamer.

In the realm of survival horror, whispers of a new title circulate, poised to follow in the wake of “God of War Ragnarök” by setting a high bar for storytelling and visceral combat.

It’s an exciting time as we look forward to a game that could potentially marry the thrill of mythology with nail-biting gameplay suspense.

PS5 & PS4 Games Coming Out In September 2024

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September stands as a beacon, heralding a treasure trove of eclectic game releases for PS5 and PS4. I find myself eager to reunite with the adorably intrepid “Astro Bot,” whose previous escapades left gamers enchanted.

Anticipation stirs within the gaming community as rumors of “Space Marine 2” suggest a descent into the gritty warzones of the far future, a stark contrast to the playfulness of “Astro Bot.”

I can’t help but conjure memories of “Valhalla,” “Final Fantasy,” and “Monster Hunter” as I contemplate the diverse experiences on the horizon.

My thoughts also drift to the competitive arenas of “Mortal Kombat” and the haunting trials within “Dead by Daylight.”

September promises a convergence of gaming philosophies, where valiant heroics mingle with strategic warfare, mythic quests stand alongside mortal combat, and the eerie silence precedes the heart-pounding chases.

For all who consider themselves devoted gamers, this month is poised to deliver an array of worlds where we must navigate treacherous landscapes and forge our path to glory with every button press.

Astro Bot, Space Marine 2, & More

The September air is charged with anticipation as “Astro Bot” gears up to capture hearts once again. Its whimsical world, crafted by the skilled hands at Square Enix, defies the traditional boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from an arcade game, promising to scale a new mountain in platforming delight.

Meanwhile, anticipation for “Space Marine 2” is akin to the monstrous excitement that accompanied the release of the “Final Fantasy VII Remake.”

This title is expected to provide a stark divergence from the playful charm of “Astro Bot,” offering a gritty battlefield where strategy and action collide in monumental encounters.

PS5 2024 Games With Post-September Releases Or No Exact Date

a living room at dusk, bathed in the soft glow of a television screen showcasing an animated fantasy landscape, with an empty couch facing it, hinting at an imminent gaming session.

Stepping beyond September, a myriad of titles await their grand unveil, with stalwarts like “Final Fantasy” and the adventure-rich “Ys” series poised to receive new entries, though their release dates remain shrouded in mystery.

Within this post-September realm, I am particularly eager to see how “The Elder Scrolls Online” will continue to evolve, potentially introducing new expansions that will keep us anchored to our consoles, exploring Tamriel with fervor.

Meanwhile, whispers of advancements in next-generation hard disk drive technology have me pondering the potential impact on games like “Resident Evil”, where the ever-present specter of horror could become even more immersive.

Sports fans are not left out in the cold either; titles such as “Madden NFL” consistently raise the bar each year, and with tweaks to playbooks and weapon-like precision passes, the anticipation is palpably growing.

The horizon seems limitless, and I can’t shake the feeling that my thumbs will be quite busy well past the autumn leaves.

Final Fantasy, Ys, & More

Anticipation is swelling for “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth”. This much-anticipated continuation promises to expand the lore-rich universe fans adore, while enhancing the emotional depth of its characters and world.

Eager whispers and theories circulate in the gaming community, all awaiting the narrative continuance from Square Enix that will, once again, captivate their hearts and minds.

The adventures of Adol Christin in the “Ys” series persist, with the latest installment shrouded in a veil of mystery yet to lift.

Bandai Namco Entertainment, much like Ubisoft and Bungie, have been known to craft worlds of escapism and challenge; expectations are high that they, alongside the reimagined horrors of “Silent Hill”, will keep us enraptured through the unforeseen chapters of gaming:

TitleDeveloper/PublisherExpected Features
Final Fantasy VII RebirthSquare EnixExpanded narrative, Enhanced character depth
Ys Series (Latest Installment)Bandai Namco EntertainmentNew adventures of Adol Christin, Enigmatic storyline
Silent Hill (Reimagined)KonamiPsychological horror, Revitalized gameplay

Major Upcoming PS5 Games With No Release Year

a dimly lit room with a ps5 console on the shelf, casting shadows over a pile of unnamed game cases.

Amidst a constellation of release dates and tantalizing sneak peeks, some PS5 games stand enigmatic, their release timelines as obscure as the plots within horror fiction itself.

My excitement spikes at the mention of “Wolverine”, a title surrounded by an aura of anticipation evoking memories of “Metal Gear’s” stealth and “Demon’s” darkness.

Its elusive nature and lack of defined launch year only heighten the intrigue. A recent glimpse of a trailer filled with snarling intensity and feral combat left an indelible impression, ensuring that “Wolverine” claws its way into the limelight, even amongst whispers of other compelling narratives like the emotion-rich “Life is Strange.”

As a fan, I’m keeping an ear to the ground, eager for any scrap of news that might surface about these enigmatic upcoming adventures.

Wolverine, Death Stranding, & More

Amid whispers of “the Last of Us Part II” receiving a next-generation facelift, I can’t help but yearn for the immersive experience promised by unheard melodies of another titan, “Wolverine.”

My senses tingle at the prospect of embodying this feral legend within a canvas painted with deep narrative and visceral action, a myth reborn in the modern gaming era.

“Yakuza” and “Persona 5” have taught me to anticipate rich storytelling, and the enigmatic allure of “Death Stranding” suggests an evolution of such an experience.

I find myself intrigued by the innovation that this game, shrouded in mystery, might add to the interactive tapestry woven by its predecessors, setting a new pinnacle for narrative depth in gaming.

Rumored PS5 & PS4 Games

a dimly lit room illuminated by the glow of multiple screens showing shadowy, gothic landscapes awaiting the reveal of a new vampire game.

Whispers and rumors often fuel the excitement and anticipation in the gaming world. From the pulsating heart of Japan’s innovative industry to the ghostly quiet of forums where the next horror game is hotly debated, there’s always a vein of hidden gold waiting to be struck.

The poll results reflected a community leaning towards gothic themes; a vampire title is stirring interest, implying a resurgence or reinvention within the horror genre.

The hype isn’t just confined to advertising campaigns; it organically grows in the discussions and shared imaginations of gamers around the world. Trending now, more than ever, are speculations that tease our expectations and leave us craving for confirmation.

The allure of the unknown beckons, and with each enigmatic hint, we edge closer to uncovering what might soon haunt or tantalize our screens.


Rumors swirl within the gaming community, each whisper adding to the anticipation like kindling to a flame. From the immersive realms of “playstation vr” to the dark and enigmatic corners hinted at by the next “dragon age” installment, we gamers thirst for facts.

Speculation about upcoming patch releases adds to the fervor, particularly those that might bring new life to games such as “ghost of tsushima” with breaths of fresh content.

As for “space marine,” will it step out of the shadows of conjecture and into the light of a confirmed release? These questions loom heavy in our minds, sparking polls that gauge interest and predict the next breakout titles:

  1. Which upcoming “playstation vr” title are you most excited about?
  2. How do you imagine the next “dragon age” game will expand its universe?
  3. What are your greatest hopes for the next “ghost of tsushima” patch?
  4. Will “space marine” make a triumphant return, and how will it redefine the genre?

Polls not only mirror our collective curiosity, but they also pave the way for fan-powered momentum, directly influencing the landscape of future releases.

We stand on the threshold, our voices potent forces in the gaming world as developers look to us, the players, to steer the ship into thrilling and uncharted waters.

Trending Now

My sources within the Sony Interactive Entertainment sphere hint at a game that’s stirring the cosmos of speculation—a planet-centric roguelike that promises to meld exploration with survival tactics.

Enthusiasts are buzzing over the idea, curious how this genre, known for its relentless challenge, will translate into an interstellar setting.

The murmurs don’t stop there; another ghost has been spotted on the horizon, this time within the corridors of Activision’s secret projects.

The scant details available evoke images of spectral adversaries and otherworldly encounters, but will this rumored title materialize to haunt our consoles, or will it fade into the ethereal realm of forgotten whispers?