Next Year’s Game Hits: 2024’s Awaited Titles

a calendar flipped open to the year 2024 surrounded by various gaming controllers and headsets on a wooden desk.

As a dedicated gamer, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of fresh releases, from heart-pounding sequels to enchanting new worlds waiting to be conquered.

This year promises an ecstatic line-up, with the long-awaited return of “Persona 3” stirring dormant emotions, and whispers of a new “Pokemon” adventure sparking curiosity across communities.

Whether your allegiance lies with the story-rich landscapes of RPGs or the adrenaline-infused arenas of competitive play, 202- brings a cache of digital delights to satisfy every flavor of player.

In this article, I’ll guide you through an exciting journey, month by month, spotlighting the titles that are poised to define the year in gaming.

Keep reading to catch a glimpse of what the next revolution around the sun holds for video game enthusiasts.

Games in January 2024

a person is sitting on a couch in a dimly lit room, illuminated only by the glow of a television screen displaying the title menu of a new video game Pokemon.

As I eagerly awaited the new releases, January 2024 stunned the gaming community with Capcom’s latest masterpiece. It’s rare to see the boundaries of interactive storytelling pushed as they have with this title.

The anticipation was palpable across gaming forums, with players ready to dive into a world teeming with Capcom’s signature blend of action and narrative depth.

I remember firing up my PlayStation 4 and feeling that familiar rush of excitement with each title screen. As an avid gamer, that sensation is the prelude to countless hours of engagement and joy.

It’s a feeling akin to the start of a new adventure — one I relished as I explored the rich, detailed environments that have become staples of PlayStation’s vast gaming library.

Meanwhile, “Elden Ring,” on both PlayStation and Xbox One, continued to capture the hearts of players with its enigmatic lore and challenging combat.

I spent an extraordinary amount of time traversing its landscapes, victories hard-won and every defeat a lesson. The game serves as a testament to the enduring love for high-quality, immersive RPGs among the gaming community, and a reminder of the artistry the medium is capable of.

January’s surprises didn’t stop with fantasy realms, as we were also treated to an exhilarating entry in the “Star Wars” universe.

Players across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One welcomed this fresh narrative with open arms, its release creating a buzz that resonated throughout the gaming world.

Steering iconic spacecraft and wielding a lightsaber never gets old, and this new “Star Wars” venture proved to be as captivating and thrilling as its cinematic counterparts.

Games in February 2024

a skyline view of neon-lit tokyo with silhouettes of fantasy creatures and distant planets merging at the horizon.

February 2024 picked up where January left off, with the Yakuza series making a grand comeback. Gripping storytellers at Sega served us another chapter of their fabled Dragon of Dojima saga.

The raw energy of Tokyo’s underbelly and the dense plot did more than merely entertain; they offered a profound narrative that kept me glued to my screen, controller in hand, heart pounding with every plot twist.

Amidst the gritty urban landscapes of Yakuza, a new platformer emerged that brought a wave of nostalgia and innovation. Peppered with dragon motifs and an array of whimsical characters, it was a breath of fresh air.

My fingers danced over the controls, guiding leaps from one fantastical realm to another, with each jump reigniting my love for the genre.

The gaming sphere buzzed with excitement as “Final Fantasy VII” fans finally received the much-anticipated sequel.

The legacy of its predecessor loomed large, yet the game soared, presenting spectacular visuals and a narrative that stayed true to its roots while charting new territory.

My devotion to the series deepened as I embarked on this latest journey, brimming with hope and awe.

“Destiny 2” continued to forge its path with an update that injected a surge of life into its expansive universe. Evenings were consumed by strategy, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of triumph against the game’s daunting challenges.

Camaraderie was forged in the fire of shared battles, and victories were celebrated with heartfelt exuberance among friends and fellow Guardians.

Games in March 2024

a sprawling fantasy landscape under a starlit sky, dotted with towering castles and mythical creatures soaring overhead.

March 2024 brought with it a treasure of fantasy adventures, among which the latest expansion for “Final Fantasy XIV” stood tall. With each update, this MMO continues to astound with its rich storytelling and ever-expanding world.

I spent hours immersed in this new chapter, relishing in the intricate narratives and the beauty of its landscapes.

Players thirsty for the nostalgia of acrobatics and time manipulation were treated to the remastered version of “Prince of Persia.”

The sands of time flowed again as I took control of the prince, leaping and fighting through a world beautifully reconstructed for the current generation consoles. It was a revival that felt both familiar and innovative.

The “Final Fantasy” series showed no signs of slowing down, with a spin-off title that injected a fresh dose of adrenaline into the beloved universe.

As an adventure game with a new cast, it carved its own path while preserving the charm that has long defined the series. Swinging my sword through enemies and narratives alike, I was reminded why this franchise has stood the test of time.

An unforeseen adventure game caught my attention this March. It was a delightful surprise which intertwined elements of classic platformers with a modern twist. Here’s a brief rundown of these engaging tales from March 2024:

Game TitleGenreMy Experience
Final Fantasy XIV ExpansionMMO/RPGAn epic continuation of an already vast fantasy world, offering hours of immersive gameplay.
Prince of Persia RemasteredAction/AdventureA nostalgic reimagining of a classic, with the same thrilling parkour and puzzle-solving.
Final Fantasy Spin-OffAdventure RPGA fresh narrative with new characters that captivated me, maintaining the spirit of its predecessors.
Unannounced Adventure TitlePlatformerA captivating blend of old-school charm and contemporary gameplay mechanics.

Games in April 2024

a colorful papercraft landscape filled with whimsical structures and characters set against a backdrop of a vibrant sky.

April arrived with an unexpected treat, as fans of the iconic “Paper Mario” series were greeted with a new twist on the beloved franchise.

This month, I navigated the vibrant papercraft world with its clever puzzles and quirky humor, all wrapped in the charming aesthetic that has become a hallmark of the series.

On a different note, I had the chance to delve into an impressive “early access” game that promised to redefine my understanding of divine power.

Playing as a fledgling god, I crafted worlds and influenced the fates of my worshippers, feeling the weight of my decisions in a way few Games have managed to convey.

The theme of “destiny” took on a whole new dimension with the latest expansion for “The Elder Scrolls Online.” Each quest appeared tailored to immerse me deeper into its expansive lore, challenging me not just as a player but as an inhabitant of its rich and intricate universe.

Lastly, April unveiled a game that turned the concept of destiny on its head. I found my actions within the game’s world held more significance than I had anticipated, my every choice sending ripples through the story in a mesmerizing dance of cause and effect.

Games in May 2024

a vibrant display screen illuminating a dim room showcases a captivating scene from

May blossomed with the arrival of “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” a momentous release that rekindled memories while charting unforeseen pathways in storytelling.

I witnessed the reinvention of cherished characters and marveled as familiar narratives unfurled in unexpected directions, a delicate balance of homage and innovation seamlessly achieved.

“Hades” returned with an expansion that breathed new life into the rogue-like dungeon crawler that had captivated me months before.

I dove back into the underworld, each run-through just as vivid and strategic as the last, the thrill of battle and the pull of the narrative as compelling as ever.

My journey through “Death Stranding” continued with an update that expanded the enigmatic world’s lore and challenges.

Trekking across its post-apocalyptic landscape delivered a sense of solitude punctuated by intense connections, each delivery a step deeper into its intricate plot and haunting beauty.

May’s curveball was the unexpected “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” game, which turned campy horror into an interactive escapade.

Equally terrifying and amusing, it captivated me with its unique blend of humor and horror, turning unlikely protagonists into heroes of a most bizarre adventure.

Games in June 2024

a vibrant marketplace crowded with excited gamers exploring booths showcasing the latest in

June’s gentle warmth was the perfect backdrop for the release of a new “League of Legends” champion that took the gaming world by storm.

Every match was a heart-pounding experience, strategy and reflexes tested against a backdrop of vibrant arenas and ever-shifting tactics.

The arrival of this character reshaped the competitive landscape, and I eagerly adapted my playstyle to meet the fresh challenges they posed.

The “Kingdom Hearts” series graced us with a compelling new chapter, weaving together a tapestry of “myth” and magic that felt both groundbreaking and deeply respectful to the series’ roots.

My controller scarcely had a moment’s rest as I guided familiar heroes through enchanting worlds, the intertwining of Disney and Square Enix conveying a sense of wonder with every twist of the tale.

Rejoicing in nostalgia, I spent hours with the “Mario Golf” remaster, its polished graphics and smooth gameplay transporting me back to sunny afternoons filled with power shots and putting challenges.

Mario and friends stood at the vanguard of fun, the remaster ensuring that both long-standing fans and newcomers could appreciate the game’s enduring charm.

A surprise hit of the month, an indie game inspired by classical “myth,” captured my imagination with its poignant narrative and artistic vision.

Every puzzle solved and every enemy conquered felt like uncovering a forgotten story, an odyssey in which I was both participant and bard, charting a course through a beautifully-rendered realm of legends reborn.

Games in July 2024

a vibrant image capturing the essence of adventure, with characters engaging in epic quests, courtroom battles, mystical explorations, and a kingdom in need of saving, all under the bright summer sky of july.

The air in July was charged with excitement as “The Legend of Zelda” gave us a stunning new game. Exploring Hyrule with a fresh set of puzzles and dangers, my quest alongside Link felt as invigorating as it did decades ago on my first journey through its mystical lands.

My affection for courtroom drama was rekindled with a thrilling new “Ace Attorney” game for the Switch. Crafting arguments and uncovering contradictions showcased not only my problem-solving abilities but also my unwavering pursuit of justice within its vibrantly animated world.

July also marked the return of “Persona 3” to modern consoles, now on the Switch with a suite of enhancements. Memories flooded back as I led the team of Persona users once more, the dark hour as ominous and captivating as I remembered:

  1. Revisiting the corridors of Gekkoukan High School, bracing for the tower’s challenges.
  2. The joy of forging and deepening bonds, each social link a story of its own.
  3. Combat that combined strategy with the thrilling rush of executing perfectly timed commands.

To the delight of many, July brought about an adventure with princess peach front and center.

It was a refreshing perspective shift, and playing as the iconic damsel, often in distress, empowered me to save the kingdom in a way I didn’t expect, brimming with charm and poise.

Games in August 2024

a glowing portal opens between two worlds, one lush and green, the other a shadowy city with towering structures under a starlit sky, beckoning adventurers into realms both enchanting and menacing.

August presented a quest that felt both familiar and exciting. I was lured back into the lush and narrative-rich world of “Dragon Age,” greeted with a new chapter that the developers had been teasing in trailers for months.

The ghost of anticipation lingered in the air as “Shin Megami Tensei” released its newest demon-infested odyssey. As with previous installments, I found myself completely absorbed in its dark, post-apocalyptic landscapes woven with mythology and strategy.

Spacing out the intense RPG experiences, I found solace in a polished indie adventure that took me on a quest through ethereal realms. It was a game that, while small in scale, captivated me with its haunting narrative and artistry:


Game TitleGenreUnique Element
Dragon Age’s New ChapterRPGA return to a beloved universe with a gripping continuation of its epic story.
Shin Megami TenseiRPGA complex fusion of apocalyptic themes and mythological depth.
Indie Ghost AdventureEngrossing explorations of specters and the secrets they guard.

As I reflect on August’s gaming experiences, I’m once again struck by the diversity and depth of the virtual worlds I’ve had the pleasure of inhabiting.

Each quest, from battling alongside companions in “Dragon Age” to unveiling ghostly mysteries, left an indelible mark on my gamer’s journey.

Games in September 2024

a samurai stands poised in the misty forests of tsushima, facing a hauntingly beautiful vampire silhouette under a gothic moonlit sky.

September began with an intriguing invitation to revisit the lands of Tsushima; the allure of “Ghost of Tsushima” was irresistible. Once more, I donned the armor of the samurai, steeped in the delicate balance of honor and strategy.

The game’s enduringly poetic backdrop set the stage for an experience that tempted me with beauty as much as with combat.

The shadows of the month grew deeper with the arrival of “Neva,” an enigmatic title that cast me as a vampire navigating a world both seductive and treacherous.

Here, survival wasn’t just about being the predator but unraveling the mysteries that haunt the night. In facing each powerful boss, I grew not just in strength but in the knowledge of a narrative rich with Gothic undertones.

Discovery took a chilling turn as I encountered a game where every specter held secrets, and the line between ally and enemy blurred.

As a hero amidst the supernatural chaos, my mettle was tested with each ghostly encounter. My journey was a relentless pursuit of the unknown, and each victory was as satisfying as it was harrowing.

By September’s end, I stood toe-to-toe with formidable foes, each encounter with a boss more captivating than the last. The rush of combat, the careful dance of attack and defense, solidified my resolve as a hero within these virtual realms.

These battles were more than mere tests of skill; they were chapters in a larger, more intricate saga.

Games in October 2024

four distinct video game cases are lined up, each illustrating their unique worlds: a foggy, abandoned street, an ancient temple filled with traps, a brightly-lit fighting arena, and a shadowy, urban alley.

October’s gaming landscape was graced by the return of “Silent Hill,” a legend in the survival horror genre. The fog-engulfed town beckoned once more, challenging me with its psychological twists and otherworldly terrors.

As I navigated its story-rich environment, each unsettling encounter rekindled the haunting charm that first solidified the series as a gaming icon.

The whip-cracking thrills of “Indiana Jones” also found new life in October. Adopting the legendary hat and leather jacket, I delved into ancient ruins, solving puzzles that intertwined history with myth.

This newest installment captured the essence of the classic films, immersing me in a globetrotting adventure brimming with intrigue and danger.

With the release of a new “Tekken,” every punch and kick I landed felt weightier, each combo a testament to the franchise’s evolving complexity.

Stepping into the arena, I was reminded why “Tekken” remains a staple in the fighting game community; its legacy undiminished as I honed my skills against formidable adversaries.

“The Wolf Among Us” returned and I was thrust into its gritty, fairytale-noir world once again. Walking the hard-boiled streets as Bigby Wolf provided a distinct narrative-driven experience, one that melded fable with reality in a way that only this series can:

Game TitleMy Impression
Silent HillA chilling journey that re-establishes its reign as the master of psychological horror.
Indiana JonesAn action-packed exploration that perfectly marries cinema’s adrenaline with gaming innovation.
TekkenA fighting experience that elevates competitive gameplay with its technical finesse.
The Wolf Among UsA compelling blend of detective work and dark fairy tales that keeps the mind racing and the heart invested.

Games in November 2024

a shadowy figure looms in the mist, its eyes glowing menacingly, while in the distance, sonic dashes through a lush, vivid landscape.

November 2024 greeted gamers with an intriguing mix of suspense and horror as the popular game “Dead by Daylight” introduced a new monster.

Reaching new heights of terror, this addition tested my survival skills, leaving me on the edge of my seat with each playthrough.

Equally exciting was the collaboration that brought Abubakar Salim’s voice acting into this thrilling universe. His talent breathed life into characters and scenarios, immersing players like myself deeper into the game’s dark and adrenaline-fuelled Earth.

The nostalgia factor hit hard with the release of “Sonic X,” a fast-paced journey back to the world I grew up with.

This time, however, the stakes were higher, the adventures spanned further, and Sonic’s blistering speed was a thrill to behold as I dashed across new, meticulously designed landscapes.

In keeping with a narrative-driven focus, here’s how November unfolded for me in the gaming world:

Game HighlightKey FeaturesPersonal Takeaway
Dead by Daylight – New MonsterSurge of terror, survival gameplayAn exhilarating challenge that tested my limits as I strove to outsmart the fearsome new adversary.
Abubakar Salim in GamingExceptional voice acting, enhanced narrative immersionAbubakar’s vocal performance elevated the story, providing a dramatic depth to each scenario I faced.
Sonic X ReleaseClassic character, redesigned adventuresReturning to Sonic’s vibrant universe was a joyous dive into speed, nostalgia, and new worlds waiting to be explored.

Games in December 2024

a vast, open landscape with a dragon looming over a determined warrior in a lush valley, a creepy, dimly lit abandoned house, sonic racing through an intensely colorful loop, and a cockpit view over a stunningly detailed mountain range during sunrise.

December 2022 capped off a tremendous year in gaming with the incarnation of a “Monster Hunter” expansion that Sony fans had been clamoring for.

As a hunter myself, forged in countless battles against behemoths of lore, this update was an invigorating new saga in the beloved franchise.

Accompanying the beastly thrills, a surprise entry helmed by horror maestro John Carpenter gave me a deliciously eerie story-driven game.

From the chilling soundtrack to the ingeniously cryptic puzzles, every element reflected Carpenter’s signature style, making for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Of course, December wouldn’t be complete without a high-speed dash through vibrant levels, and “Sonic the Hedgehog” delivered that with unbridled joy.

Sony and Microsoft fans alike reveled in the hedgehog’s latest escapades, which blended nostalgia with cutting-edge technology in a whirlwind of fun and frolic.

In the midst of the seasonal celebrations, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” presented an update that impressed with its enhanced realism and vast new environments to explore:

Monster Hunter ExpansionIt rejuvenated the hunting spirit within me, offering new monsters to chase and lands to navigate.
John Carpenter’s Horror GameThe game ensnared my senses, weaving a tapestry of dread with an auteur’s touch.
New Sonic the Hedgehog AdventuresSonic dashed back into my life, reminding me of the rush that only a high-speed platformer can provide.
Latest in Microsoft Flight SimulatorThis update took my virtual piloting experience to soaring new heights, approaching the sublime.

Big 2024 TBA Games

a vibrant arcade room filled with excited gamers standing in front of a large, glowing screen showcasing a shadowy figure with glowing eyes.

The whispers among the gaming circles suggest that the release of a game featuring the beloved “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is on the horizon.

The raw energy and camaraderie of the pizza-loving quartet suggest a title brimming with collaborative gameplay, which I confidently suspect will be akin to diving into a Saturday morning cartoon that we never grew out of.

Holding my controller, I can hardly wait for the chance to navigate the sewers and streets of New York City with the heroes in a half shell.

A recent teaser hinted at the return of Kazuma Kiryu in a gaming landscape that has felt his absence keenly.

Known for his unyielding spirit and moral compass, his emergence in this year’s gaming lineup could only spell a thrillingly immersive gameplay experience.

Anticipation coils within me, as I envisage stepping back into the shoes of the Dragon of Dojima, ready to unravel a gripping narrative in Tokyo’s seedy underbelly.

The gaming community is abuzz with conjecture about an enigmatic title shrouded in secrecy, promising gameplay that empowers players with laser eyes.

The concept alone triggers a surge of curiosity, setting my mind ablaze with possibilities of what challenges and strategies such exceptional abilities could unlock in a virtual world.

As the details remain closely guarded, my eagerness for an official release announcement simmers with impatient expectation.

Rumors are circulating about a groundbreaking title set to redefine gaming this coming year, yet its details remain under wraps.

Despite the scarcity of information, the prospect alone tantalizes my gamer instincts, as I anticipate the arrival of a release that could very well shift the current paradigms of play.

My hands are poised, ready to embrace whatever this TBA game has to offer, trusting in the developers to deliver an experience that will resonate and redefine our collective journey through digital landscapes.