Pokémon GO Best Attackers: Master Raids with This Tier List Guide

best attackers
best attackers

Having a squad of awe-inspiring attackers in Pokémon GO is the key to victory in high-level raids and gym battles. But with so many Pokémon to choose from, deciphering the top contenders can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide, revealing the best attackers in Pokémon GO and how to use them to their maximum potential!

This regularly updated guide is your ticket to total Pokémon GO raid success. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting to power up your team, you’ll discover:

  • The best Pokémon attackers: Why they excel and when to unleash them
  • The value of Shadow and Mega Pokémon: How these powerful forms boost your team
  • Tips for choosing the right counters: How to exploit type matchups for crushing victories

Tier System Overview

To make it easy to understand the relative strengths of different Pokémon, we’ve organized them into a tier system. Here’s what each tier means:

  • S Tier: The absolute powerhouses of Pokémon GO! These are the most dominant, versatile, and universally useful attackers to invest in.
  • A+ Tier: Excellent choices that frequently offer the best counters for various raid scenarios. While they may not always be top of the pack, they will consistently serve you well.
  • A Tier: Solid attackers who shine in specific situations. These Pokémon might specialize in one type or excel against certain raid bosses.
  • B+ Tier: Decent options, especially for newer players or if you lack top-tier Pokémon. They won’t break records, but they’ll help you hold your own in raids.
  • B Tier: Usable but generally outclassed. Still viable if you’re starting your Pokémon GO journey but will get replaced as you build a stronger team.
  • C Tier and Below: Avoid relying on these Pokémon for raids, especially if you have better options. They significantly underperform compared to higher-tier Pokémon.

Key Factors to Remember:

  • Shadow Pokémon: Shadow versions of Pokémon often drastically outperform their standard forms, pushing them into higher tiers.
  • Mega Evolutions: These supercharged forms temporarily provide an enormous power boost, making them game-changers for raids while the Mega Evolution lasts.
  • Primal Forms: Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre are in a league of their own, outshining even most Mega Evolutions.

Let’s get to it! Here’s the “Detailed Tier Breakdowns” section. Since tiers change based on the current game state, I’ll focus on the top tiers and provide the tools to look up the full rankings.

Detailed Tier Breakdowns

S Tier: The Raid Annihilators

s tier the raid annihilators
s tier the raid annihilators

The Pokémon in this tier are your ultimate raid weapons. Their superior damage output and type advantages make them the first choices for taking down even the toughest raid bosses.

  • Primal Groudon: An absolute force of nature, especially against Fire, Electric, Rock, Poison, and Steel types
  • Primal Kyogre: Devastating against Water, Ground, Rock, and Fire types
  • Mega Rayquaza: Boasts incredible damage and versatility, excelling across many raid scenarios
  • Mega Gengar: A Ghost and Poison powerhouse, and a top Shadow Pokémon counter
  • Mega Blaziken: Fiery fighting spirit that takes down Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel types

A+ Tier: The Versatile Elite

a tier the versatile elite
a tier the versatile elite

These Pokémon are incredibly potent and frequently the go-to choice for various raid scenarios. They pack serious power and bring valuable utility to any team.

  • Mega Latios: A Dragon and Psychic mix offering unique counters
  • Mega Salamence: Exceptional Dragon-type attacker, boosted by its Mega form
  • Mega Swampert: Powerhouse Water and Ground attacker
  • Shadow Mewtwo: Psychic strikes with unparalleled power when in its Shadow form
  • Shadow Metagross: Immense Steel-type damage, and one of the best Mega Evolution counters

Where to Find the Complete, Updated List

The Pokémon GO meta changes frequently with new Pokémon releases, move updates, and in-game events. For the most current and comprehensive tier breakdown, I highly recommend checking out:

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Additional Tips for Choosing Attackers

Building an unstoppable raid team goes beyond simply picking Pokémon from the top tiers. Here are some key strategies to maximize your damage output and dominate in raids:

Type Matchups Are Key

Pokémon types and their effectiveness (or weakness) against each other are fundamental to Pokémon GO battles. A basic understanding of the type chart is crucial:

  • Example: A Fire-type Pokémon like Mega Blaziken deals super effective damage against Grass-type raid bosses.
  • Tool: There are many online resources with type charts and matchup guides. Pokémon GO Hub has an excellent one to reference.

Prioritize the Best Movesets

Even the strongest Pokémon won’t reach its full potential with subpar moves. It’s critical to know the best movesets for your attackers.

  • Resources: Websites like Pokémon GO Hub and Pokebattler offer detailed move recommendations for top Pokémon.
  • TMs: Use TMs (Technical Machines) to optimize your Pokémon’s moves, especially for high-tier ones.

Shadow Power

Shadow Pokémon often bring a significant damage increase compared to their purified versions. The trade-off is slightly lower defenses, but the raw power usually outweighs the slight increase in vulnerability.

  • Catch ’em All: Keep an eye out for Rocket Grunts and Team Rocket Leaders – they are your source of Shadow Pokémon!
  • Weigh the Investment: Purifying Shadow Pokémon is only recommended in a few niche cases.

The Mega Evolution Advantage

Mega Evolving a Pokémon during raids provides a massive boost to both its power and that of other Pokémon of the same type on your team.

  • Strategic Timing: Use Mega Evolutions wisely! The temporary boost is best used when taking on particularly tough raid bosses or making quick work of easier raids.
  • Mega Resources: Stock up on Mega Energy by completing Mega Raids and research tasks.

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Considerations for Specific Raid Bosses

While top-tier attackers will serve you well in most cases, sometimes a more tailored approach will net you the best results. Let’s look at how to customize your team:

Analyzing the Raid Boss

  1. Typing: What type is the raid boss? Dual-type bosses offer more opportunities for exploiting weaknesses.
  2. Moveset: What kind of attacks does the boss use? This will help you choose attackers with strong resistances.

Example: Facing a Tier 5 Registeel (Pure Steel-type)

  • Super Effective Counters: Fire, Fighting, and Ground types deal the most damage.
  • Top Choices: Fire Pokémon like Reshiram or Mega Charizard Y are ideal.
  • Alternative Picks: Powerful Ground attackers like Primal Groudon or Excadrill also work exceptionally well.
  • Watch Out For: Registeel’s Steel-type moves can hurt frail Fire types. Have a bulky Ground attacker ready in your team.

Situational Stars

  • Legacy Moves: Some Pokémon have powerful moves only available from past events, making them situationally better for specific raids.
  • Weather Boosts: Weather can enhance certain types (e.g., Fire in sunny weather), making weather-aligned attackers even stronger.

Resources for Finding Best Counters:

  • Pokémon GO Hub Raid Guides: Often offer specific boss counters
  • Pokebattler: Allows simulation against specific bosses, showing top counter lists

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Staying Updated

Pokémon GO is a dynamic game, with frequent rebalancing, new Pokémon introductions, move updates, and in-game events that shift the meta. To stay on top of your raid game, keep these points in mind:

The Importance of Regular Updates

Don’t get complacent with a static team! Tier lists change as the meta evolves. It’s vital to check in with trusted resources regularly to see if the top attackers have shifted or if exciting new contenders have emerged.

Reliable Resources for Pokémon GO Updates

  • Pokémon GO Hub: Their tier lists and raid guides stay consistently updated.
  • Pokebattler: Offers excellent matchup simulations and keeps its rankings accurate.
  • The Silph Road (Reddit): A vibrant community with in-depth analysis and discussions about upcoming changes.

Revisiting and Powering Up Your Team

As you discover new top-tier Pokémon or the meta changes, don’t be afraid to invest Stardust and Candy into powering up your raid squad. Having those top attackers ready will ensure you stay at the forefront of Pokémon GO raids!